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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simple Ghost

This is one of my favorites. This is how I built a simple, but effective ghost. Now you can feel free to customize or change things around to your preference.

You will need:

*An old fan stand

*Spring tension shower curtain rod (take the rubber ends off)

*Duct tape

* 16"(40.6 cm) to 18"(45.7 cm) metal bar

I used an old metal bar from a broken lamp

* Rubber or Plastic skull

* Two small rubber balls

* Big white sheet (double or queen)

* Old white shirt or cheesecloth

Now I may post a video later, but for now I am just going to tell how I did this.

Take the shower curtain rod and extend it a few turns

Now measure down from the top 12" (30.4 cm)

This is where the small metal rod comes in to play

Now wrap the small metal rod across the curtain rod with duct tape, any way you want.

{This picture is what it looks like after I taped across the shower rod, and put the skull on top. }
Now for skull preferences it's your choice, I painted the skull to look ghostly and glued the small rubber balls in to the eye sockets.
Now mount the skull on top of the rod and put the other end into the fan stand.
Here's the part that's tricky: Drape the large sheet over the frame and fasten it to itself with either a clothespin or saftey pin. You may need a step ladder to do this :)
I like to use an old white shirt for the hood 'cause the sheet likes to slide off the skull.
The best thing about the shower curtain rod is it can be extended by turning the bottom part to any length. I usually extend to about 7 feet or (2.13 m) or 6 and a half feet (1.95 m)
You can put a black light on your ghost or light it from below with a blue light.

{This is from Halloween 2009 where I put the ghost on top of cinder blocks for extra height.}

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