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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Spider (Introduction)

If people have been wondering where I have been, I was on an expedition to the jungles of South America.  I had heard of a certain arachnid that would be perfect for a Halloween setup.  I knew this would take awhile but I had posts already scheduled for this Summer.  After a long search I found this fellow....

The Deaths-head Spider of  Rio Cuesta Verde.

Creative story huh?  Actually I got this spider in 2005, and after playing "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" I had decided to paint it up like the giant spider, Skulltula , who lurks in caves and dungeons. 

The Skulltula
There was a smaller version but I could not find it anywhere.  Many ask where this post is leading, It's leading to the Spider web project that I hope to complete and get pictures of.   I felt it nessecary to reference inspiration for the spider that inhabits my web and to break the boredom of posting links and trying to get myself on here as much as I can.   Now as for the web, that is simple : The pre 2001 Haunted Mansion Holiday load area of The Haunted Mansion had very large floor to ceiling webs, and the pre 2007 refurbishment Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion had webs and spiders on the stairway to the second floor scenes.  I hope to replicate those webs and find links with pictures.  Now those who are afraid of spiders can look at this blog again.  Long Forgotten has an article featuring pictures of the large spiders.  Here's another great post from Long Forgotten with some better pictures from Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion. 


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