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Friday, September 30, 2011

Grave Jumper part 3

When we last left off, we were coming out of an attic window and looking over a graveyard under the moonlight.... No wait..

20" Air Cylinder with hose attached
I finally recieved a double acting, 20" (51cm) universal mount air cylinder from Frightprops in mid-September.   The two ports are 1/8" and I used an airgun adapter in testing.

With 15"(38cm) long arm attached.  The arm sits on a 6''(15cm)
piece of scrap wood.  I might change the design.

With skull attached
And now, a preview video

I added an unused laugh, though I may re-record the laugh to be longer

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  1. Found your blog through the Halloween Countdown list. I looked through and really enjoyed your blog so I am a new follower. Keep up the good work!