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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Light set

Have a light set you don't know what to do with? Have some scrap wood?
In 2008 I needed a better way to illuminate my nutcrackers, so I decided to come up with a solution. "Tack the lights I was using to some wood to get the lights to stand on end!!!"
For this you will need:
*Light set
*Scrap wood
*Wire staples
*Small hammer

If you have more than three lights, you will need one piece of wood for each light. And as for light sets you could use the standard C6 light sets or the strings of 3 to 5 lights that are used for those porcelain Christmas villages. I used a set of 3 lights that came from a lawn decoration.
If you have a long piece of scrap wood, you can use that instead of cutting small pieces. Now the scrap wood has to be a little bit longer than your light socket. (About 5" or 13cm)
Now you will need to place the socket in the center of the scrap wood and you will need two staples for each light. Place each staple about 2" or 5cm away from the socket and carefully tack it with a small hammer. Do the same for the other side of the socket. It will be time consuming, so don't rush or you could peirce the wire.

If you have some kind of reflector or small mirror, it will help make the lights brighter. I had some more wood that I cut into three pieces and painted red. I hope to paint a stenciled design on them someday.

Everything should be to your personal taste. If want to do something different; go ahead.

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