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Sunday, October 31, 2010

more pumpkin quintet

Not a how to, just a Halloween picture .  
The pumpkin quintet.  In 2008, I had the idea to make singing pumpkins as a side project.  They were inspired by the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  These five were named after the singing busts in the graveyard jamboree scene at the end.
Their names are starting with the top titled one: Uncle Theodore
Row 2: the one with the left is Rollo Rumkin, the one on the right is Cousin Al.
Row 3: The one on the left with the goofy grin is Phineas Pock, the one on the right with the crescent shaped eyes is Ned Nub.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

things to know

Phantom of the Opera organ 10/31/2000

Over the past few Halloween seasons I have realized that what I have done by building my set-ups is become my own production company. My skills are the same as what would be used in a movie or stage play.

Here is the list I made up as I went along.

*Set Design
*Set Decoration(placement of props and spider webs)
*Electrical Work
*Art Department (painting and making props)
*Costume Design
*Sound Design(recording and editing sound effects)
*Concept artist
My brother also helps with setting things up and adds his own props.
He's also his own hair and Make-up department. I guess the fog machine would be considered special effects.

Lost in Schlock has a link to an article on the categories of props.

So, in summary the key skills that will help you build your Halloween set-ups should include:

*Welding (building metal frames)
*Painting {includes painting props} (you don't have to paint like Van Gogh, but I study old paintings to help me)
*Electrical(if you're nervous about wiring things, don't do it, get help.)
*Study how machines work(Like the now defunct put it, take apart old machines to see how they work, that should help when you're ready to build animated props)
*Sculpting and Casting
*Papier Mache( Some haunters do amazing things with just paper and glue)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Idea

I have a fairly good idea on the next project; but there must be some restraint.
*If I ever get my "Peppers Ghost" illusion started, I will post a short tutorial
*I'm deciding on whether or not to post my plinth tutorial, since cinder blocks are heavy and could be a source of injury.
* I will post pics (not a tutorial) of my grave jumper project.

But for now, here's my pumpkin quintet (inspired by the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion and Haunted Mansion Holiday (The Nighmare Before Christmas Overlay)