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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Flowerbed Graveyard


Old store bought styrofoam stone on wood base
Inscription reads " Upton O'Goode, a fine upstanding man,
all the way to the gallows"

Store bought skull stone on a wood base

Angel statue on cinderblock plinth  ( I debated wether to post this, but I think it looks ghostly)

Cross stone on cinderblock with plastic fence

Giant spideweb
(for the large spider in a previous post)

Orange lights in the rosebush

There were a few thing I wish I could have done, but I did'nt have the time, I was rushing from last Thursday up until 5:00 P.M. on Halloween.
Things like cotton cobwebs on the big web and sound for the grave jumper, and last minute problems such as, getting the Gemmy Lightshow and timer around 5:00 and the air compressor bleeding air did'nt help. Setup for the Graveyard took about 30 minutes to put up and 20 minutes to take down.
People seemed to like it and took pictures.  Now for a video of the gravejumper  and (sort of) singing pumpkins.  The music was also full of problems, so no audio of it.  I edited these videos and added a laugh for the jumper


  1. The stones look great & the pumpkins are so neat! I like the idea of elevating the stones onto cinderblocks to give them more "ooomph".

  2. Hi, I'm back! I'm passing on the Zombie Rabbit Award to you! It will look lovely framed on the wall of your library!