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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Jack O' The Lantern (part 2) The Hat

Here's where we make the witch hat. This step is optional.  You can put any hat on your pumpkin.

This is where the poster board comes in.  It can be any color.  I have chosen to paint it black.

I used fan covers to make the big circles. The first circle is going to be 18 inches (45.72cm)

Lay the fan cover or another big circle in the middle of the poster board and trace it.

 Carefully cut it out with scissors.

Next cut about halfway down from the bottom, then cut halfway from the side


The circle should have a quarter removed.

Take one side of the gap and fold or roll to the other side making a cone.  You can adjust it to the  size of your pumpkin.


After adjustments, you can glue or tape the cone together.

The second circle is going to be 20 inches (50.8cm)
Repeat the steps with the first circle in tracing and cutting.

This is where you cut the second circle down the middle


Take the half circle you cut and fold or roll the edge until you have a taller cone.
you may have to trim the inside

Place the tall cone on the short cone and you should have a witch hat shape


I traced the tall cone over the short cone
then cut the top of the smaller cone off'.

Tape or glue the cones together.

After gluing or taping you can paint your cone.

I painted mine black. Then I painted stars.
You can paint any pattern you want.
I used an orange party streamer as the hat band

If the hat moves too much, take some scrap board and roll it until it is another small cone.  Insert into hat.

Next time: The Mask

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