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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Jack O' The Lantern (part 4) Lighting

Now it's time to light your pumpkin.  You can use a Christmas village light (I got mine from Walmart's Christmas section)

You could also use LED candles or LED tea candles.

Carefully cut a keyhole shape in the bottom of your pumpkin.

This is how to put the Christmas light in:
You can use any color, I painted the clear light.  Yellow paint works, Maybe Orange.
one coat of paint will do.

Place light in the center of the bottom and tape it down.


Mark for two holes on both sides of the cord

Remove the light and poke holes through the bottom

Use a long twist tie or other means to secure light

Place end of twist tie in one hole and then another.

Hold down light and tie. Tape down excess.

Place bottom back into pumpkin.


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